Written by: UWM Editor
published: October 26, 2023

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Mission trip Kenya June 2023

The recent trip to Kenya was truly amazing.

We started off by holding a two day pastor conference in Moi’s Bridge Kenya. As usual, Pastor Samuel managed to fill the church with pastors who were so excited to gather together again for the first time since Covid. 

It was a great time to be reacquainted with friends in the ministry as well meet new pastors who recently joined UWM as affiliate members.

The people in this region have been going through difficult times. They not long got through the season of Covid only to be confronted with a two year drought. 

Many pastors battled discouragement as the extended season of hardship challenged their family, ministry and community obligations.

We had a wonderful time of ministry and fellowship. All who attended were encouraged to rise up, pursue, overtake and recover all. The conference accomplished more than expected.

We also did the preaching circuit, visiting and encouraging pastors and churches in remote areas. 

We held a two night crusade. There were many people saved by the the grace of God. Many notable miracles took place in the meetings of which people testified to glorify God. 

It was a profitable trip for the kingdom of God.

Rob Urban