About United World Ministries

United World Ministries, established in 2007 was formerly the missions arm of Logan City Christian Church. The church, was pioneered on the 28th March 1999 by founding Pastors Robert and Chantal Urban. Exponential growth of the missions arm of Logan City Christian Church required us to register the missions ministry as a stand-alone world missions entity. On the 2nd of December 2011 United World Ministries was registered as a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee.

Our Mission

The need for ministers and ministries around the world to experience love, care, acceptance and a sense of belonging remains paramount. Our aim is for ministers of the gospel to connect and interact within the body of Christ locally, nationally and internationally.

U.W.M. is a Christian organisation offering a spiritual covering and support to Christian churches, Christian ministries and ministers. Through affiliation, our vision is for ministers and ministries to connect and network through a relationally based global fraternity. The process of ministerial ordination is simply identifying the validity of a divine call, verifying and endorsing it. All ministers and ministries ordained through U.W.M. are recognised at an international level.

Our Vision
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We're here to help ministries and ministers to reach their full God given potential and we do that by providing:

  • A spiritual covering and support to Christian churches and Christian ministries globally.
  • Church affiliation, Christian ministry affiliation. E.g. Itinerate, Missionaries, orphanage, school etc.
  • Ministers with credentials.
  • Oversight, support and encouragement.
  • The means and support in assisting churches, ministers and ministries to maintain moral, legal, ethical and biblical standards and ensure they are functioning within the requirements of the laws of their land.
  • Assist churches and ministries, ensuring all legal requirements, policies and procedures are current…
  • An environment that fosters unity among Christian churches and ministries.
  • The tools and support for our members to pioneer and establish Christian churches and ministries.
  • An established national and global Christian ministry fraternity.
  • Assistance in establishing a church / ministry governance and leadership structure.
  • Teaching materials, bible college, ministry training, conferences and seminars.
  • Assistance to churches in establishing micro businesses and sustainable business enterprises.
  • Assistance in establishing and building training centers.

Tenets of Faith

All Ministers of Religion who desire to hold, or currently hold a certificate of ordination with United World Ministries are to adhere to and actively promote in their ministry the Tenets of Faith.

The Tenets of Faith as adhered to by United World Ministries:

  1. The deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. His sinless life.
  3. His miracles.
  4. His victorious and atoning death through His shed blood.
  5. His bodily resurrection.
  6. His ascension to the right hand of the Father.
  7. His personal return in power and glory as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  8. The fall of man, thus necessitation of rebirth through confession and belief in Jesus Christ.
  9. The reconciliation of man to God by the substitutionary death and shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  10. The resurrection of believers unto everlasting life and unbelievers unto everlasting punishment in hell.
  11. The present supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit and His gifts into and among believers since the day of Pentecost and continuing until our Lords return.
  12. The bible reveals to us the mind of Christ and the complete revelation of God’s will for the salvation of men; and is the inspired, infallible authoritative Word of God.
  13. There is one God manifested in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  14. The reality of Satan and his present influence over the unbeliever.
  15. Baptism in water by full immersion in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit is enjoined upon all who have repented and believe.
  16. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit, accompanied by speaking with other tongues is promised to every believer empowering them to be an effective witness for Christ. This experience is distinct from and subsequent to the new birth.

Ministers Code of Ethics and Conduct

All Ministers of religion who desire to hold, or currently hold a Certificate of ordination with United World Ministries are required to live according to the Ministerial Code of Ethics as stated below.

The minister must conduct themselves at all times as an example of the Spirit filled life of a Christian who personally knows the Lord Jesus Christ.

The minister must always exhibit proper moral behaviour towards the opposite sex.

The minister must aspire to be legal, moral and ethical in all aspects of life and ministry and show sound personal and ministerial financial responsibility.

If married, the minister must have a strong marriage and if there are children they must be in subjection and exemplify a Christ filled home.

The minister will be expected to give 100% commitment to excellence in all areas of their present ministry.

The minister must agree to be open and transparent and endeavour to perform their best before the Lord, before their peers and to the board of United World Ministries. The board honours the minister’s personal responsibility to the Lord and does not desire to usurp this or interfere with but rather support this relationship.

The minister must commit to represent and promote United World Ministries in an excellent and positive manner both in the body of Christ and the community at large.

The minister must commit to follow the criteria for ministry as found in:

1 Timothy 3: 1 to 13
Titus 1: 6 to 16
Titus 2: 1 to 15
Titus 3: 1 to 15