National Ambassadors

The vision and function of United World Ministries being established in a country depends upon the appointment of a National Ambassador.

When a National Ambassador has been appointed, a management committee of no less than three people needs to be selected to assist the National Ambassador with the function and administration of UWM.

Once the management committee has been established, UWM head office in Australia will send a team member to visit your country and assist in accessing and implementing the resources freely available. During this process, it is our aim to develop a good strong healthy relational ministerial partnership.

It is necessary that the National Ambassador prepare, well before time, a national conference inviting ministers of the gospel to attend, where the vision of UWM will be shared. Opportunity will be given to those who choose to join and become affiliate members of UWM.

The role of a National Ambassador carries a level of responsibility and dedication to serve the people of their nation. Primarily, UWM empowers the National Ambassador and committee to assist local churches and ministries to excel in their God given calling.

Once the resources have been made available, it is the role of the National Ambassador and committee to release the resources to approved affiliate members of UWM.

It is vitally important for a National Ambassador to be a man of integrity, good character, faith, righteous standing in the community and very well connected with other ministers in their community.

If you’re interested in becoming a National Ambassador for UWM, you first need to be an affiliated minister. For more information contact your local representative from our Contacts page.