Written by: UWM Editor
published: October 26, 2023

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El Salvador

News re El Salvador

(Pastors Francisco and Celia Pablo, senior pastors, Mercy Of God Christian Church.)

A recent trip to El Salvador brought much joy seeing the wonderful things God is doing in the community of El Tigre, Santiago De Maria. The church is alive and prospering.

Pastors Francisco and Celia Pablo have been very active going door to door, encouraging and praying for people. There have been a number of people born again, others restored back to Christ after many years in the wilderness. The children’s ministry is thriving as too is the women’s ministry.

Since the change of government, the streets of El Salvador seem to be quite safe. This is a big change since a previous visit in 2012. There is a visible ‘business as usual’ and a vibrant buzz in the air while walking the through the markets and business center of town.

While spending time with them, we learned more of the wonderful things God has done in their ministry. People being restored, people delivered from alcoholism, physical and emotional healings.

God bless

Rob and Chantal Urban