Fruitful Brain Academy

Fruitful Brain Academy is a private institution for education in Accra Ghana. It is open to children aged 18 months to 18yrs and was founded by Ps Seth and Sandy Tetteh in the year 2023, through faith.

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Before we were to relocate to our new site at Nsakina in an uncompleted building in September 2022, the intention was to establish a branch of our church, and also start preschool that will serve as a child evangelism platform, and to also create job opportunities for the Church members. In Pro 22:6, the scripture says, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

The school was birthed out of prayer & faith, I am saying this because class rooms for the school were not ready, and we did not have any capital to start the school, but I told my wife, we should use the little money we have at that time, to purchase fabrics from the market for school uniform for five boys and five girls, and also ten (10) chairs, one (1 ) big plastic table that can accommodate ten children, which she agreed to.

Thanks be to God, my wife is a seamstress by profession (a dress maker) so within some few days, she sewed all the dresses for both boys & girls.

Now that the dresses are ready, the next question is how are we going to get the children to start the school? I told my wife, we are going to give out the ten school uniforms free and tuition free for first term, so we went to the information center that serves our community, to announce this to the public.

This really worked for us, people started coming to make inquiries, picking up forms to bring their children. To our amazement, we had exactly five (5) boys and five (5) girls making total number of 10 as we predicted within the first term. Is it not wonderful?

Eventually, we used our small hall , with the size 30 x15 ft, where we gather for church service, as a class room. The first day, which was 10th January 2023, we had 2 children, namely, Michael Sarfo & Grace Oware as first students.

Myself and my wife were the people managing, teaching, cooking, cleaning and doing all the works in the school, with one of the brothers in our church, Albert Nii Amaa, who supported us for one month.

That’s how Fruitful Brain Academy took off, and as at now the number has increased to 13, getting to 20 children soon.


To expose students to an enriched teaching and learning environment which promotes knowledge.


To raise & nurture young people with Godly wisdom into leadership, to impact the world with the gospel, and also bring a solution to African developmental challenges.

We have in our plans to buy land and build buildings for the school, with proper facilities, such as library, musical department that will train instrumentalist and singers who will promote God’s kingdom with godly music.

Getting school buses is our priority, to enable us to transport the children safely to school and back home, to avoid kidnapping. 

God bless you.

Pastor Seth and Sandy Tetteh

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